Contacting the Pamunkey Indian Tribe

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Contact Information

Should you need to contact the Tribe, please write to:

Pamunkey Tribal Government

331 Pocket Rd.

King William, VA  23086


Please provide all pertinent information regarding your reason to contact the tribe.  It would be helpful if you provide a telephone number and/or an e-mail address as we may choose to respond via those methods.

Please understand that the Pamunkey Tribe reserves the right to choose whether or not to respond to any unsolicited contact.  The greater the importance and impact to the tribe, the greater the likelihood that we will respond.  We have no paid positions to accomplish such actions (including Chief and Council) and responding to all requests we typically receive on a weekly basis would overwhelm any volunteer.


We will not respond to unsolicited requests for ancestry, genealogical, or membership information.  All such requests are immediately disposed of and unsolicited funds accompanying such requests are donated to the Pamunkey Indian Museum.  We are well aware of the huge interest regarding Pocahontas and the extensive information available which identifies her lineage to present day.  The Pamunkey Tribe has no official stance on this interest by others to identify their lineage to Pocahontas.  Although Pocahontas was a member of our tribe, the Pamunkey Tribe does not consider her descendants as tribal members nor would these individuals be eligible for membership simply because of this lineage, no matter how well-documented.

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