Welcome to the Pamunkey Indian Tribe's website which is currently under construction.


Pamunkey Indians consider our tribe to consist of individuals who have BOTH a common ancestry AND social contact to the Pamunkey tribal body itself.  Ancestry must be traced via birth certificate to a specific group of historical Pamunkey Tribal members identified by the Pamunkey Tribe.   Social contact requires pre-existing mutual socialization with existing Pamunkey tribal members to a level determined satisfactory by the Pamunkey Chief and Council.  These criteria may surprise individuals who assume that ancestry (to include Pocahontas)  and/or a particular blood quantum are all that is required.  As a sovereign nation, the Pamunkey Tribe reserves the right to decide its own membership and we have chosen these criteria to ensure a focus on the social aspect of what it means to be a tribe versus simply being a family tree.

For those individuals seeking tribal membership, we do not provide contact information because if you have the pre-existing mutual socialization described above, you should already have sufficient social contact to the tribe to know how to make the necessary inquiries.  We do not have a paid staff to respond to membership inquiries, especially the huge number since announcement that our tribe has been federally recognized.

Individuals who do contact the tribe regarding membership issues are advised that the Pamunkey Tribe reserves the right to choose whether or not to respond.  Unsolicited documents will not be returned.  Unsolicited monies will not be returned and will be donated to the Pamunkey Indian Museum and Cultural Center.


The individual known and/or self-proclaimed as Crown Prince Emperor El Bey Bigbay (or other variations of this name) and also known as William McRae, is not associated in any manner with the Pamunkey Indian Tribe/Nation nor the Pamunkey Tribal Government, despite statements made by this individual and/or others, either spoken or written, to include the Facebook identity, "Pamunkey Nation" and the Internet domains "pamunkeytribe.org", "pamunkeytribe.net", "pamunkeytribe.com", "pamunkeynation.org", "pamunkeynation.net" and "pamunkeynation.com".  This individual’s use of images and other copyrighted material associated with the Pamunkey Indian Tribe/Nation is not approved by the Pamunkey Indian Tribe.  This page that you are on now, "pamunkey.net" is the only official website for the true Pamunkey Tribe.  The public is encouraged to research this individual's history on the Internet to learn more.


Pamunkey Indian Tribe Chief and Council